“Functional Role of Group Members” – Personal / Social Roles

9 Mar

This post is a continuation of my previous post. This blog will deal with the personal / social roles played by group members.

Personal and/or Social Roles

These roles contribute to the positive functioning of the group.

  • Encourager – Affirms, supports, and praises the efforts of fellow group members. Demonstrates warmth and provides a positive attitude in meetings.
  • Harmonizer – Conciliates differences between individuals. Seeks ways to reduce tension and diffuse a situation by providing further explanations or using humor.
  • Compromiser – Offers to change his or her position for the good of the group. Willing to yield position or meet others half way.
  • Gatekeeper/Expediter – Regulates the flow of communication. Makes sure all members have a chance to express themselves by encouraging the shy and quiet members to contribute their ideas. Limits those who dominate the conversation and may suggest group rules or standards that ensure everyone gets a chance to speak up.
  • Observer/Commentator – Provides feedback to the group about how it is functioning. Often seen when a group wants to set, evaluate, or change its standards and processes.
  • Follower – Accepts what others say and decide even though he or she has not contributed to the decision or expressed own thoughts. Seen as a listener not a contributor.




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