How to do the job of a systems analyst well

9 Mar

Hi guys, for my eight post I will talk about how a systems analyst had can do their job really well and ensure that the users get the maximum usage out of the system that they can and how organizations can gain a lot of competitive advantage from the system.

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Clearly, as my fellow group members and colleagues that were assigned the role of a systems analyst as their topic have outlined, the role of a systems analyst is wide ranging and not easy. Therefore there are a lot of challenges that need to be overcome in order to build the best system. One of these is the task of talking to end users and finding out exactly what it is they want from the system. Users may want differing things from the system and this can give the system analyst a headache. In my opinion, this is the most important stage of creating a new system as the system will at the end of day being built for the users and must be of use to the users. I think that to do this stage as well as possible the systems analyst has to spend a lot of time at getting it right and by devoting as much time as possible to it, the systems will have a good foundation on which to work on when going about designing the system well. Secondly, In my opinion the systems analyst should try to build relationships and rapport with the end users so that they talk outside as well as inside the workplace and thus the users requirements can be communicated very clearly to the systems analyst.

Another key aspect to the role is that on designing the system itself and drawing up diagrams and graphs on how the system might look and work. I think it is vital that this role is done well. In my opinion the key to this particular role and how to carry it out successfully is for the systems analyst to ensure that they have as much knowledge about the hardware and software tools they are using and being up to date with modern day ways of doing things. This wealth of background knowledge combined with talking to other systems analysts about a similar system that they may have designed will really give the systems analyst the best chance of building a successful IS.

As this is my last blog, I’d just like to thank everyone for reading my blogs and for all the comments, likes and good ratings I got. This was my first time ever blogging and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This type of learning is I guess the new way forward and I look forward to taking part in this platform in the future.

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