SDLC Phase 2: Analysis

9 Mar


In the Analysis stage an in-depth analysis is performed to obtain a detailed understanding of the business needs as defined in the Business Case and Scope documents. System requirements are studied and structured. This is achieved by asking questions such as:

  •  Why do problems exist?
  • Why were certain methods of work adopted?
  •  Are there alternative methods

Industry research and jurisdictional scans may be performed and product demos and sample RFPs/BRDs from other jurisdictions may be used to help facilitate requirements gathering. Along with a series of requirement gathering workshops, discrete requirements are defined and progressively elaborated. Once these requirements are clearly defined, they are reviewed and agreed upon with client decision makers and key project stakeholders.

Analysis Stages

  1. Study and analyse the current system:
    System analysts collect facts from existing users.
    Existing systems limitations and details.
  2. Define new system objectives:
    Define and Prioritise Users Requirements.
    The analyst approaches the users to find out what they want from the system.
    They use different data gathering techniques such as interviews, observations, and surveys.
    This is an attempt to understand all aspects of the current system and eventually indicate how things may be improved by a new system.
In short…
The analyst understands the nature of the information and the functions of the software which is required for the system. The analyst makes a brief survey of the requirements and tries to analyze the performance of the system which is to be developed. He also makes sure that he gets enough information and resources for building the appropriate system.

The following video briefly explains the analysis phase of SDLC:

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  1. sad111505863 March 9, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    Video was really interesting and helpful 🙂

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    video was great and thanks for all the links 😀

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    ….very hight quality blog here; liked the video and i will look at the links! thanks a lot 🙂

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