Summary of System Development LifeCycle

9 Mar

In previous posts I have out lined the five stages of the SDLC. In this post I will briefly discuss types of SDLC’s and summarize the SDLC process.

The types of SDLC’S are split into two methods: Traditional and Agile.

The main traditional methods of SDLC include the Waterfall model and the Spiral model.
The Waterfall Model outlines the steps, which are in a predefined order, that should occur when a new system is being developed.
The Spiral Model is another model outlining the steps that need to occur for a new system to be built. The difference between the Waterfall Model and the Spiral Model is that the Spiral Model develops when the software project repeatedly passes through phases in iterations, ie. spirals.

The main agile methods of SDLC include Extreme Programming and SCRUM.
Extreme Programming has 6 phases in its model: Exploration, Planning, Iterations to Release, Productionizing, Maintenance and Death. The Extreme Programming Model is based on a number of principles. These re be co-operative with the customer, release phases frequently, have a straigtforward system and be adaptive to change.
The SCRUM Method is based on self-organising and empowered teams, a team based approach,defined roles and responsibilities for team members and a prescribed rhythm/ cycle.

I will now give a brief overview of the Systems Development LifeCycle which I have discussed in greater detail in previous posts.

There are 5 stages in the SDLC process: Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance.
Each stage must be fully and successfully completed in order for the SDLC to move to the next phase.
The Planning stage outlines the intended projects and defines the project objectives.
The Analysis stage analyses information to discover what the systems user requirements are.
The Design phase is where the features of the system are drawn and both the logical design and physical design of the system are constructed.
The Implementation stage is where the physical specifications of the system are developed into working software and the systems is launched.
The Maintenance stages is where the system is kept in working order and is updated to meet the evolving requirements of its users.

Here is a brief video that will outline the SDLC:


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