Systems Analyst and Cost-Cutting

9 Mar

For my seventh post I wanted to expand upon what my fellow group member  mentioned in his post which can be found here: and also on what findings I got from my interview with a systems analyst in GSK. Companies all over the world have been hit by the financial downturn in the worldwide economy and have to adapt and change their policies to survive in the modern day business environment. With a growing emphasise on cost reduction and the getting rid of waste within organizations around the world, the role of a systems analyst has changed a bit as well  The systems analyst from GSK that I interviewed said as part of his role he has to ensure that systems are running as cost efficiently as possible and that any new adjustments to the system do not add in any large proportion to the cost of running that system. This role of the systems analyst has become more and more important and has been emphasized to the system analyst by the information systems manager in order for the company to survive.  images

We have seen that the amount spent on information systems by large multinationals is often in the hundreds of millions of dollars region and this is just on the creating of the system. The maintenance on the system is another huge cost and if a large change needs to be carried out on the system this can also significantly add to the systems cost. Before the emphasise would have been on ensuring that the system meets the needs of the stakeholders and performs well. Now the emphasis has shifted and there is an emphasis both on the quality of the system and on cost minimisation in order for the organization to maintain competitive advantage. As a result of the financial crisis and budget cuts, the systems analyst has also found themselves having more responsibilities and more roles to do within the organization. Support for employees and end users of a system is one of the things that systems analysts have had to do more of within an organization. Organizations have had to lay off more and more employees and reduce their wage bill in order to manufacture products efficiently and so all employees including systems analyst have had to do more.



2 Responses to “Systems Analyst and Cost-Cutting”

  1. sad111708665 March 9, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    Good little blog! Liked the references to the financial crisis! Thanks a lot 😄

  2. sad111351131 March 10, 2013 at 12:35 am #

    Thanks, yea the financial crisis is certainly impacting on the role of a systems analyst like it is with almost all jobs out there today.

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