Team Leaders: The different types of leaders

9 Mar

Team leaders are seen as highly ranked when it comes to the role of IS teams. They are the driving force of other members and they help motivate others to achieve the goal of a project. Seeing as it is such an important diverse role it is not surprising to see that there are many different types of leaders and many ways to use their skills. There are four main domains of leadership strength. They are as follows;

1.       Executing

These leaders must be skilled at executing their work. When an individual is needed to finish their part of the project, the leader motivates them to do this. This must try to focus on the better ideas of their fellow colleges, focusing on it and make it a reality. This is also where the planning skills of the leader comes into play. They usually are disciplined and will work tirelessly to achieve a goal.

2.       Influencing

Influencing is another domain of leadership skills. They work on a wider audience trying to sell their ideas inside the project teams and outside it. They have the strength to speak out in group providing confidence for the team and prioritise objectives for the team.

3.       Relationship Building

This domain if for the leaders who prioritise the relationships of all members of the team. They have the ability to create great teams that work efficiently and with feasibility together. They encourage their colleges to create new ideas, as some team members may fear promoting their ideas as they don’t want them rejected or criticised. Their traits usually include high energy, work hard to minimise distractions and work hard to get all members involved and promote communication.

4.       Strategic Thinking

These types of leaders look into the future of what the consequences of their actions are. Because of this, they are constantly absorbing and analysing the data they receive. It is here also that the leader is always organising in order to create feasabilty to access of all information.

Of course any leader is not limited to just one of these domains. An effective leader may have traits of all these domains if not all. The diversity of these traits is what makes a good leader and crucial role in the team and to help the group achieve their IS projects.




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  1. sad111708665 March 10, 2013 at 12:12 am #

    Nice subdivisions of leaders😄good blog , thanks

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