The V-Model

9 Mar

The V-Model

v model

The V-Model is one of the traditional software development systems. The big advantage the V-model has over all the other types of traditional software development is that it introduces testing early. This helps with cost saving and time saving. This will make more sense if you check this link to my last blog. That blog shows the problems with traditional software for people. A big problem we noticed was the lack of adaptability to change if the need arises. This is where the V-model has an advantage over the other traditional models as testing occurs a lot earlier.

The v-model is best suited to small simple projects. Projects with a big scope will not be so successful with the v-model.  The requirements should be simple and fixed. If the project is complicated the v-model will not be suitable as like all traditional models it’s not too fond of adjusting and being agile.


One Response to “The V-Model”

  1. sad111428618 March 10, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    great blog, inclusion of the video was a great idea. it is very informative and its always good to have someone explaining something to you rather than just learning off text, will definately have a look at it again when i’m studying. good job 🙂

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