Smart Devices

10 Mar

In this blog I will discuss how the use of smart phones has become an major trend in the way we live today, and from a business perspective.

Smart devices have become a necessity in peoples lives. They are a mobile phone with a more advanced computing capability connectivity than a normal phone. They include functions like a GPS navigation system , digital cameras, pocket video cameras, apps and web browsers. Web pages have become very fast to stream off the smart devices in recent years.

“By 2014, more smart devices could be used to access the internet than traditional computers.” This could lead to mobile phones playing more of a role in the business industry in years to come.

From this there will be emerging markets to feed off the trend of using smart devices.

The scale of the smart phones can be seen in the face that 1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next 5 years, about 40 percent of all handset shipments). (ABIResearch)

The graph below is what we can expect from future mobile devices



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