MIS and Decision Making

10 Mar

In this blog i will talk about how MIS is used for decision making. MIS is basically concerned with the process of collecting, processing, storing and transmitting relevant information to support the management operations in any organizations. thus the success of decision making which is the heart of administritive process, is highly dependant partly on availible information , and partly on the functions that are components of the process. For example, if managerial objectives are absent or unclear, probably due to inadequate information, there is no basis for a search. With out information obtained through a search there are no alternatives to compare, and without a comparasion of alternatives the choice of a particular course of actionis unlikely to yield the desired result. MIS can be defined as a system providing management with accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision making process and enable the organisations planning control and operational functions to be carried out effectively. so in this wats MISs increase competitiveness of the firm by reducing cost and improving processing speed.People say that the need for MIS in decision making is very effective. It provides information that is needed for these decisions and issues effecting the organisation regarding human and material resources. MIS may be viewd as a mean for transformation of data, which are used as information in decision making processes.

Well structed and well organized MIS can provide management with the knowledge it needs to reduce operating costs and increase profits. MIS can help management increase efficency by quickly providing critical information about procedures and operations. Overall MIS can be a huge boost to a business and is well worth investing in.

references: http://www.ijric.org/volumes/Vol5/1Vol5.pdf



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  1. sad112540853 March 10, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    Nicely put, great blog 🙂

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