More methods used by Systems Analysts to Gather Information- Modern Methods

10 Mar

In my last blog I discussed several traditional methods used by systems analysts to gather the information they need to design an effective information system. As I discussed, information is vital to systems analysts! They require relevant, accurate information in order to design a system that effectively and efficiently carries out the function that it is required for. And now in this blog I will discuss the modern methods that are being used by analysts today.

Modern Methods

1. Joint Application Design (JAD)

This process involves collecting system requirements simultaneously from key people & reviewing system design. Many people take part in a JAD session; session leaders, users, managers, IT staff and of course systems analysts. Their role in these sessions is mainly to listen and take on board all the information they hear from end-users and managers.

2. Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)

GDSS are an electronic meeting system, designed as a collaborative platform, it allows users to interact via a computer rather than speaking. It allows for anonymity which results in systems analysts gathering more information.

3. Prototyping 

A systems analysts converts requirements to working version of a system, this leads to users seeing the requirements, and then asking for modifications, or new ones. This is a very useful method as when user requests are not clear, they can become clear after the prototype.
These are a few of the modern methods used by systems analysts to gather information in order to create systems for their clients. I hope you found it interesting 🙂 thanks for reading!

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