Not Always Failure- Success!

10 Mar

Over the last six weeks I have discussed many interesting aspects on the topic of ‘Causes of Failures in IS’, these including; the top 10 ways to guarantee failure in IS, interesting real life examples of IS failures as well as how and where it all goes wrong. Lastly I will discuss success in information systems.

It is important that we consider the determinants of success because those success factors may be leveraged and controlled to improve success in information systems and therefore avoid failures.The key to successful information systems are in my opinion:

  • Management Support and Commitment: if an information system project  has the backing of a dedicated management team at various stages throughout the project it is more likely to be perceived positively by both users and IT staff because, their participation receives higher attention. They are also recognised and rewarded for their efforts throughout the project. Evidentially, it ensures that the project will receive funding and resources.

Measures of information systems success can also be looked at such as:

  1. High levels of usage.
  2. User satisfaction.
  3. favourable attitudes.
  4. Achieved objectives.
  5. Financial payoff.

Based on empirical research conducted between 1980 and 2004, the study examines four aspects of information systems (IS) success: system quality, perceived usefulness, user satisfaction, and system use. The authors highlighted the importance of system quality, which affects all other aspects of IS success. They also observed that system quality and perceived usefulness but, curiously, not user satisfaction, influence the extent to which the system is used.The analysis also suggests that four long-term measures related to information systems are particularly important: 1.IS training, 2.Improving individuals’ attitudes toward information systems, 3. Gaining top-management support for information systems, 4.Developing organizational structures that facilitate use of information systems, such as help desks and online user assistance.



Thanks for reading. 🙂

Sources:“Information System Success: Individual and Organizational Determinants” is by Rajiv Sabherwal, Anand Jeyaraj, and Charles Chowa of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

One Response to “Not Always Failure- Success!”

  1. sad112759089 March 11, 2013 at 12:47 am #

    Hopefully from the research conducted businesses can learn and stop the increase of I.S failures!

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