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10 Mar

Up to the 1960’s information systems were a simple method of recording data and processing transactions.  The primary use of information systems was to register data in a way that made it easy to gain access to in the future.  Today, information systems are an essential part of every-day life. The use of information systems extend from areas in business to crisis management to sports management and to crime management.

In the business environment, information systems combine data from all sectors in the business such as production, sales and marketing in order to combine detailed information from all segments of the organization. Information systems are therefore an integral part of the decision making process of contemporary entities as it allows the user to obtain information on a vast array of topics at the touch of a button.

While it’s straightforward to see how information systems can be used in the business environment, the use of systems’ are not confined to this particular situation. The adaptable nature of information systems, ensure that the system can be modelled to suit each requirement. For example information systems used in Haiti were flexible enough to ensure that the system aided in the search and rescue of citizens while the European Union and UN were able to develop the European criminal record information system in order to prevent the movement of criminals from one European country to another.

While there are several advantages of information systems, the break-down of these systems could cause detrimental effects for the organization involved. The case of Ulster Bank clearly highlights this statement. While firms may feel the need to use information systems on a day to day basis, I feel as though some organizations are relying too heavily on information systems and should have a contingency plan in place to ensure that the failure of an information system does not lead to failure in the business.

2 Responses to “Overview of my blogs”

  1. sad111708665 March 11, 2013 at 12:02 am #

    Nice overview and summary! Thanks for the information on this blog and well wishes for the project 😄😄

  2. sad112759089 March 11, 2013 at 1:18 am #

    Interesting information about Haiti and the European Union! Overall good blog!

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