Requirements of a System

10 Mar

We need to look in depth at the different aspects a system may require. Systems analysis is a vital area of this. It is an understanding and detailed knowledge of what an information system should do. It involves viewing the functions the current system conducts and any necessary requirements users would like to see. 

Requirements analysis is one of the most difficult parts of IS development. Miscommunication/ breakdown in communications, in-completion and poor usage all play a part in it often causing projects to fail or cease. There are three major difficulties: unknown domains; complex problems; non-technical users. 

There are typically three ways under which information can be gathered. These include traditional methods, modern methods and radical methods. Traditional methods include interviews, surveys, observation and studying business documents. Modern methods include Joint Application Design, Prototyping and Group Decision Support Systems. Radical methods include Business Processing Re-engineering. 

Each of the different elements has a set of differents benefits and difficulties in conducting and completion  



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    Ive enjoyed your blogs, this one is great 🙂

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