SDLC Phase 4: Implementation

10 Mar


In this stage physical system specifications are converted into a working and reliable solution. This is where the system is developed. It is followed by testing and then implementation.


Implementation Phases:

  1. Coding:
    Includes implementation of the design specified in the design document into executable programming language code. The output of the coding phase is the source code for the software that acts as input to the testing and maintenance phase.
  2. Integration and Testing:Includes detection of errors in the software. The testing process starts with a test plan that recognizes test-related activities, such as test case generation, testing criteria, and resource allocation for testing. The code is tested and mapped against the design document created in the design phase. The output of the testing phase is a test report containing errors that occurred while testing the application.
  3. Installation:
    In this stage the new system is installed and rolled out.a

Key Deliverables:

  • Fully Installed system
  • Fully trained users
  • User and Operational Documentation



The following video summarises the Implementation Phase of SDLC:


Thanks for reading 🙂 My next blog will detail the final phase of SDLC: Maintenance!


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