Search Engines

10 Mar

In this blog i will be focusing on web search engines which are one of the main ways in which people get information today, Google is the worlds largest search engine but there are many others such as Bing and Yahoo which are popular. Search engines are retrieval mechanisms that perform the basic retrieval task,the acceptance of a query, a comparison of the query with each of the records in a database,and the production of a retrieval set as output.The main use of search engines is to provide access to information on the world wide web,which are stored on many different servers.As i have mentioned Google is the worlds largest and most used search engine and there are a number of reasons for this such as:

  • less spam on their webpage,it has a clear white screen that doesn’t have as many links as their competitors.
  • its acquisition of companies like Blogger and YouTube have made them more popular.
  • better ranking on search results than competitors.
  • faster than most of its competitors.

A lot of search engines use a best search process and present search output in order ranked by relevance this is calculated based on factors such as how many search terms were found in a document and how often they were found in a document.Different search engines give different weightings(rankings of importance) based on some of the factors i have mentioned. PageRank is used by Google in order to give weightings to various websites and is one of the reasons why their search engine is the most popular. An awareness  of the strengths and weaknesses of different search engines is important when using the internet in order to gain information, as it can play a vital role in the time you get the information and the quality of the information you get.


Rowley j. Farrow j. organizing knowledge, an introduction to managing access to information, third edition.


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