Systems and Requirements analysis

10 Mar

Systems Analysis:

This is understanding and specifying in detail exactly what an Information System should do.

  •  A detailed study of how the current system functions should be carried out first.
  •  Followed by an assessment of what the users would like to see in the new system.

Requirements Analysis:

This can be a very difficult aspect of the Information Systems development.


                Major causes of Project failure:

  •   Poor user input.
  •  Incomplete requirements.
  • Changing requirements.
  •  Miscommunications.

Difficulties include:

  •  Complex problems.
  •  Unknown domains.
  •  Non-technical customers.

Requirements gathering:

  1.  Traditional methods
  •  Interviews
  •  Surveys
  •  Observation
  • Study business documents

2.       Modern methods.

  •  Joint application design
  • Group decision support systems
  • Prototyping


3.       Radical methods

  •  Business process reengineering

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