Types of Information System failure.

10 Mar

According to Lyytinen and Hirschheim there are 4 different categories of Information Systems failure such as Correspondence failure, Process Failure, Interaction Failure and Expectation Failure.

1. Correspondence failure- This type of failure refers to when design objectives arent not met when the system has been developed. People who require an information system will reject an information system if they design brief they set out hasn’t been met.

2. Process Failure- This type of failure occurs when an information system is not delivered in the specific time allocated or is costs more than the amounted budgeted for the project.

3. Expectation Failure- This type of failure views information system failure as the failure of system in meeting stakeholders requirements, expectations or values. According to Lyytinen and Hirschheim ‘Expectation failure is perceived as the difference between the actual and desired situation for the members of a particular stakeholder group’.

4. Interaction Failure- This refers to the end users usage of the information system. Is the system regurally used by users? Has its implimation been a success and worth the compmany’s time and money? if the system is not used much this would be classed as in interaction failure.

Source: http://www.simpology.co.za/Simpology/Home_files/Critical%20failure%20factors%20in%20information%20system%20projects%20copy.pdf


One Response to “Types of Information System failure.”

  1. sad111533667 March 10, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

    good blog! there as so many kinds of failures and the terrible thing for everyone using i.s. is that the majority of i.s. projects fail.

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