Using IS in Decision making

10 Mar

MIS in Decision Making

To access information quick, efficiently and effectively management in a department may use information systems, to lessen the labour in the day-to-day running activities within an organisation. (e.g. accounts stock control, payroll, etc.)

Employees only need to enter the information into a computer program for file and analysis the managers can build programs to access the information and aid management more quickly in decision making for future development and direction to use against other competitors.

The information Age

To stay competitive management availed of the new technologies and processing data into information to use at a later date these new technologies, telecommunications, networks, E-mail, Voice mail, Internet, Telephone, etc. Through these technologies management can with speed and accuracy store large amounts of information.

Before the computer age, organisations had to waste vast amounts of time and resources in the collecting and storing of the information. After a few months the information would be useless a as information can be outdated as developments occur.  Organisations must keep on track with new technologies this information must be current and easy to access and at the same time available to different people at the same time. Firms have become most dependent of these new technologies or IT systems.

It is information that drives firms in staying competitive, and is this information system mechanism that managers avail when they for decision making is need it. These IT systems or computer programs can aid managers with the concise, relevant, timely and complete information.



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