Waterfall Model, Implementation.

10 Mar

Hi again, this post will discuss the implementation phase of the waterfall model.

This phase is concerned with the physical construction of the software as set out in the design stage. This is normally done by a development team that consists of programmers, interface designers and other specialists. As well as developing working and reliable software, this phase also documents work that has been done to date and provides help for current and intended users of the system. There are 6 key activities in this stage. Coding which is where the physical design specifications are turned into working computer code. Testing is performed in parallel with coding to confirm that the system meets the requirements set out. This can be done by inspection, walk through or unit testing. Installation where the current system is replaced by the new one. There are four ways in which this can be done.

1. Direct installation, where the new system is installed and made operational immediately and any old systems are turned off.

2.Parallel Installation, here the old and new system run side by side until it is decided that the old one can be turned off.

3.Single-Location Installation,where the new system is used in only one site and deciding based on the experienced how it should be implemented in its entirety.

4. Phase Installation, which changes from the old to the new system bit by bit until the system is replaced entirely.

The next key activity is documentation for the IS users who will maintain and develop the system throughout its life cycle and also for people who will use the system as part of their daily lives also known as end users. The last 2 activities include training and support. Here the IS users are given on-going educational and problem solving training for the new system, this covers areas such as; use of the system, system management and system installation.

The next post will be about the maintenance phase 🙂

See you then!!


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  1. sad111428268 March 11, 2013 at 12:09 am #

    Easy to understand. Nice blog

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