What Can Go Wrong In Each Stage?

10 Mar

Seeing as 75% of all large systems may be considered failures, 28% of systems projects are cancelled before completion and 46% are behind schedule or over budget is it fair to say failure is prevalent among information systems, but where does it all go wrong?

  1. Analysis: Scarce time and money resources to researching the problem, minimal or no preliminary planning, improper staffing, excessive promises leading to incomplete requirements, users spend insufficient time helping the teams gather information which is not needed.
  2. Design: Little or no user input, built-in flexibility is entirely omitted only to serve current needs, severe lack of organisational impact analysis, functional specifications not recorded and documented appropriately.
  3. Programming: Underestimated cost and time, incomplete specifications such as limited time for program logic due to essential time being wasted on writing code, insufficient use of structured design, programs inadequately documented, requisite resources not scheduled.
  4. Testing: Disorganised test plan, underestimated time and cost, direct users not involved at crucial times, inappropriate acceptance tests, management doesn’t sign off test results due to lack of dedication.
  5. Conversion: Insufficient time and money, all direct users not involved until this final stage, delayed training in order to reduce overall costs overruns, system goes online too soon, inadequate system and user documentation, no performance evaluation, insufficient system maintenance plans for the future aswell as no extra support and training.

Another key aspect to failure is the issue of  poor Project Management; this then leading to undefined requirements, costs and benefits are not assessed accurately, end users are not trained this all then leads to major conflict and uncertainties within the project which causes FAILURE!

Sources: Standish Group International Inc.

One Response to “What Can Go Wrong In Each Stage?”

  1. sad112759089 March 11, 2013 at 1:10 am #

    If companies can only read what yer written about causes of failure in I.S they might learn something or two!

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