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11 Mar

Summary of Traditional Software Development:

Waterfall Model

V Model

Spiral Model

Systems Development Life Cycle.
What is the difference between Agile and Traditional Software Development Methodology?
Although Agile method is based on iterative development as some of the traditional approaches, Agile and Traditional methodologies have key differences. Traditional approaches use planning as their control mechanism, while Agile models use the feedback from the users as the main control mechanism. Agile can be called a people-centric approach than traditional methods. Agile model delivers a working version of the product very early compared to traditional methodologies so that the customer can realize some of the benefits early on. Testing cycle time of Agile is relatively short compared to traditional methods, because testing is done parallel to development. Most traditional models are very rigid and relatively less flexible than the Agile model. Because of all these advantages, Agile is preferred over the traditional methodologies at the moment.

I hope by reading my blogs i have helped you more clearly understand The traditional methods of software development. Although it is not preferred when compared to Agile methods it is still extremely important. Best of luck in the exams.

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  1. sad112759089 March 11, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    Good short concise summary!

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