Is It More Time-Consuming To Develope Or Purchase An Information System?

13 Mar

stock-photo-business-clock-isolated-on-white-background-15401869The compeditive nature of modern day business means that time is of the essence. If you are wasting time you are wasting money. It is of vital importance that a business not only gets a suitable information system installed but it is important that the information system is up and running as quickly as possible. I would like to explore which method of installing an information system is the most time consuming.

Purchasing An Information System

  • The information system is already made out and just has to be installed.
  • less time spent ironing out small details about the information system as it’s development is outsourced.
  • Outsourcing the information system leads to the information system being installed quickly.
  • The company making up the information system such as Oracle will have expertes in this area and will therefore be for efficiant .
  • Less likely to be time wasting internal disputes over what type of information system should be installed when the information system is outsourced .

Developing An Information System

  • Time can be wasted with internal staff arguments over small details of the information system.
  • Will take longer to develop and install than an independant outsourcing company.


It is clear that it is more time effective to outsource the development of an information system. This fact makes the idea of outsourcing the development of an information system all the more appealing to companies.

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