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Fixing The Uncategorised Issue

8 Mar

I’ve just had a quick look at the categories (available on the right hand side) and noticed that we currently have 86 posts uncategorised. Will the people with these posts please update them with the right category. This is achieved by going into your posts, and clicking on the right category (available at the bottom right) and unticking “Uncategorised”, and then clicking “Update”.

This will benefit the class as a whole, as currently these posts are in limbo.



I love Mccardle

6 Mar

Im Caroline Hands and i love mccardles curls and his crusty handmade wife beaters.

Marking Scheme

28 Jan

The deadline for IS2200 Assignment 2 is 10h March, 2012. The Total Marks for the Assignment are 15% of the total marks for the module. Marks will be provided to Students before the end of term.

Marks will be assigned to Students on an **individual basis** and according to the following guidelines:

– Up to 10% for Topic Effort

– Up to 20% for Group Effort

– Up to 70% for Individual Effort

So a Student will be awarded marks for the Topic (for example the work performed by all groups in a given topic), the Group (for example the work performed by their own group in a given topic), and for their Individual (for example work performed by the individual in the group) efforts.

The quality of the effort (at topic, group, and individual levels) will be scored according to the following criteria:

– Quality of entries

– Quantity of entries

– Coverage of topic

– Referencing of external material

– Amount of inter-group feedback/comments received

– Amount of external feedback/comments received

Individuals will also be scored on their efforts to provide constructive feedback/comments on the blog entries of other groups.

Penalties (for late submission of Course/Project Work etc.): Where work is submitted up to and including 7 days late, 10% of the total marks available shall be deducted from the mark achieved. Where work is submitted up to and including 14 days late, 20% of the total marks available shall be deducted from the mark achieved. Work submitted 15 days late or more shall not be accepted.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

28 Jan

Posted below are the categories for the assignment, and the groups that are assigned to each category.

Students are expected to work with their groups in order to create blog entries for their assigned category. This involves students building on their team members previous entries, with their own entries.

Please remember to tick your assigned category before you publish a post.

Students must exercise caution when publishing content and ensure that material is not in breach of copyright or privacy rules.

The instructor will remove any material that is deemed likely to cause offense.


The Groups for IS2200 are assigned the following topic categories:

28 Jan

What is an Information System? – Groups 8, 10, 28, 45

Trends in Information Systems – Groups 9, 11, 27 29

What is the role of a Systems Analyst? – Groups 12, 26, 30, 44

Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in IS – Groups 7, 13, 31, 43

Traditional Methods of Software Development – Groups 6, 14, 24, 42

Agile Methods of Software Development – Groups 5, 23, 33, 41

Using IS for Decision Making – Groups 4, 16, 22, 34

Team Roles in IS Projects – Groups 3, 17, 35, 39

Causes of Failure in IS – Groups 2, 18, 20, 38

Flowcharts and Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) – Groups 1, 25, 32

Developing and Purchasing Information Systems – Groups 15, 21, 36

The Value of Information – Groups 19, 37, 40

Description of Topic Categories

28 Jan

What is an Information System?

For example why are information systems important to organisations?  When can an information system deliver competitive advantages? Why kinds of IS are available?

Trends in Information Systems

For example what are the latest trends in information systems? How is technology impacting these trends? How different will IS be in 5/10/15 years?

What is the role of a Systems Analyst?

For example what are the current duties of an analyst? How has the role changed? Are analysts still needed?

Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in IS

For example what role does the SDLC play in IS development? How long has it been applied? Has it changed much?

Traditional Methods of Software Development

For example what are traditional methods used to develop software? Are there new ones being created? Are they still relevant to software development?

Agile Methods of Software Development

For example what are the agile methods used to develop software? Are there new ones being created? Are they still relevant to software development?

Using IS for Decision Making

For example how can decision making be improved? What kinds of decisions are made? Who makes what decisions?

Team Roles in IS Projects

For example what roles are assigned when an IS project is started? Who leads the project? What are the critical roles?

Causes of Failure in IS

For example what are the current rates of failure? Are they improving or getting worse? How can failure be reduced?

Flowcharts and Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs)

For example what is the purpose of these charts? How are they applied? What are they useful for?

Developing and Purchasing Information Systems

For example why should organisations develop in-house? What organisations should purchase IS? What are the benefits and negatives of such decisions?

The Value of Information

For example what is information? Where does it come from? What is it used for?

Assignment 2 Groups

22 Jan

Each student is assigned a group below. If you haven’t been assigned a group please contact the instructor immediately.

Group 1
106252460 Xinzhuo Zhang
109417338 Ronan John Barry
109566511 Mairead Catherine Ni Shuilleabhain
109652752 James Flynn
Group 2
110305595 Aislinn Looney
110306359 Caoimhe Bernadette Falvey
110322459 Cian John Patrick Dunne
110323803 Orla Gould
Group 3
110346019 Nicole Parkes
110347733 Keith Denis Flynn
110349199 Garret Ruairi O Suilleabhain
110364099 Aidan Finbarr O Sullivan
Group 4
110377583 Liam Meehan
110722651 Maria Clara O Brien
111006439 Fergus Brian O Connell
111302881 Lauren Nora Hurley
Group 5
111303111 Aidan Joseph O Sullivan
111306601 Timothy David O Callaghan
111310996 Eoin Collins
111312791 Conor Mc Auliffe
Group 6
111313591 Niall James Kelleher
111313936 Grace Caitriona Lennon
111313976 Mark Anthony Behan
111318166 Gemma Marie O Regan
Group 7
111319021 Adrian Harry O Sullivan
111322171 Anna Claire Daly
111322576 Elizabeth Margaret Ryan
111324266 Darragh O Drisceoil
Group 8
111324651 Gary Ga Lai Cheung
111329641 Cian Harry O Neill
111330101 Seonadh Louise Kearns
111330736 Emer Hannah O Shea
Group 9
111331526 Emma Jane Tangney
111332336 Ann Marie Heffernan
111332781 Eimear Catherine Mc Carthy
111334931 Laura Marie Murphy
Group 10
111337346 Caitriona Ellen Colton
111343201 Adrienne Melanie Barry
111344431 Aisling Ellen Mc Mahon
111346076 John James Mc Guinness
Group 11
111346901 Amy Hartnett
111350151 Aisling Murray
111350181 Jamie Aaron Ngai
111350396 Grainne Christine Moloney
Group 12
111351131 Liam Cornelius Beresford
111351256 Colum Timothy Counihan
111351566 Niamh Michelle Chambers
111352101 Donal Kevin O Keeffe
Group 13
111353781 Katie Michelle O Reilly
111354446 Jenny Keane
111359681 Peter Paul Graef
111360051 Claire Margaret Fennelly
Group 14
111361161 Siobhan Roche
111372736 Ashling Courtney
111373846 Michael Moloney
111374361 Paul Richard Forde
Group 15
111374376 Nicole Jane Collins
111378451 Sinead Aine Kelly
111378936 Luke Connolly
111382706 Jack Francis Butler
Group 16
111383486 Kathryn Bowler
111385101 Deirdre Mary Griffin
111385731 Alex David Purcell
111386666 Joel Michael Carey
Group 17
111388506 Sean Martin Bourke
111389891 Aedin Crowley
111390926 Gena O Connor
111394841 Lisa Mary O Connell
Group 18
111396161 Mairead Mary Hegarty
111398761 Bryan James O Callaghan
111401158 Grace Ann Dunlea
111402038 Niamh Catherine Mc Auliffe
Group 19
111403808 Martin Anthony Doyle
111405462 Lisa Patricia O Brien
111408478 Christopher William Moran
111408872 Pearse Anthony Lahive
Group 20
111411762 Ellen Mai O Connor
111413042 Ciara Ada Kavanagh
111413602 Matthew Coughlan
111414148 Sean Tyson Keohane
Group 21
111414822 Lorraine Catherine Buttimer
111415478 Brian John Cuthbert
111417212 Odhran Liam Byrne
111417672 Caroline Theresa Lynch
Group 22
111417732 Hugh Lane
111417852 Caroline Bridget Wall
111419882 Lucy Bernadette Mc Sweeney
111420992 James Diarmuid Keane
Group 23
111421168 Carmel Anne Joan O Reilly
111422432 Jack Henry Galvin
111423542 Lorcan O Donoghue
111424152 Aoife Jamey Linehan
Group 24
111424632 Michael Joseph Spillane
111424842 Sarah Michelle Quaid
111428268 Aoife Marie Mc Carthy
111428618 Katie Rogers
Group 25
111428658 Patrick Coakley
111429648 Kathy Mary Histon
111429862 Aidan Christopher Slattery
111429912 Laura O Donoghue
Group 26
111431158 Shane Anthony Kilcoyne
111431412 William Michael Duggan
111431782 Kim Phelan
111436512 Stephen Noel Randles
Group 27
111438442 Conor Kearney
111438572 Caroline Joanne Barry
111438728 Catherine Eileen Fitzgerald
111438922 Niamh Gerardine Dorgan
Group 28
111440478 Conor Richard O Donovan
111440682 Niall Bernard Robert Woods
111441938 Sarah Louise Murphy
111448852 Ciara Helen Molloy
Group 29
111448932 Jane Mitchell
111450818 Sinead Margaret Murphy
111452022 Shauna Marie O Donovan
111452202 Rebecca May Murdoch
Group 30
111452752 Amy-Kate Trevor
111452782 Steven William Forde
111454608 Edel Kelly
111455908 Andrew John Lehane
Group 31
111456462 Lisa Margaret Teresa Pyburn
111456588 Kerrie Louise O Shea
111461372 Josh Michael Landers
111462258 Grainne Treise Murphy
Group 32
111462698 Shane Anthony Donovan
111463042 Iain Michael Clancy
111468192 Brien Patrick Roche
111468572 Frank Scannell
Group 33
111471642 Gary Anthony O Regan
111472252 James Matthew Long
111477238 Luke Robert Brannock
111477912 Conor Mc Ardle
Group 34
111479428 Damien Michael O Leary
111481958 Conor Michael Drummond
111482208 Meadhbh Elizabeth Crowley
111486552 Cliona Marie O Farrell
Group 35
111487048 Eoin Philip O Callaghan
111490988 James Dalton
111495342 Donal Patrick O Leary
111503783 Nicole Susan Mills
Group 36
111505863 Maire Kathleen Kelly
111507193 Edmond Gerard Quirke
111510193 Luke Conway
111510567 Rachael Bell
Group 37
111510923 Dean Gerard Liston
111511053 Aaron Noel Kidney
111512527 Kieran Thomas Morrison
111524003 Rebecca Mary Ryan
Group 38
111525037 Aoife Cait O Regan
111526987 Aidan Robert Galvin
111530323 Niall Peadar Hayes
111533667 Ben Alexander Cross
Group 39
111534227 Jack Florence O Donovan
111534313 Ronan Power
111536443 Darragh Curtin
111537707 Justin Cronin
Group 40
111538853 Katie O Donoghue
111540267 Dean Anthony Nolan
111548123 Colin Peter O Riordan
111562473 Thomas James Lane
Group 41
111562847 Corey O Connor
111707299 Michael Diarmuid Hanifin
111708665 Michael Barry
111713581 Caroline Mary Hands
Group 42
111721849 Olga Sidorenko
111729745 Peter Martin Nolan
111739211 Tanya Teresa Fitzgerald
Group 43
111740341 Tom Crotty
111742945 Finbarr Nyhan
111743761 Owen Doyle
111719795 Elizabeth Hanrahan
Group 44
111744291 Bartlomiej Kamil Okula
112540853 Eileen Marie Bridget O Riordan
112567137 Tracy Rebecca Bradfield
Group 45
112712305 Emilia Agnieszka Cofalik
112759089 Grace Maria Costello
112425878 James Michael Martin
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