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Using IS for Decision making

11 Apr

Levels of Decision making

Strategic decision making made by managers who are knowledge based and are used to dealing with major problems in the company.  These managers are there to provide the necessary support for the organisation and normally work in small groups.

First we should know that there are 3 different forms of decisions:

°         Structured decisions

°         Un-Structured decisions

°         Semi-structured

Structured decisions by contrast are repetitive, routine and involve a definite procedure for handling.

Unstructured decisions Where by the manager has to provide judgement, evaluation and insights into the problem definition.

Semi-structured decisions; clear cut answer provided by an accepted procedure.

Stages for making decisions include:

Intelligence identifies the problem, gather the information and communicate to the rest of the organisation.

Design: used to identify alternative solutions. DSS is used here.

Choice, were management chose among alternatives, keep track of consequences cost and opportunities.

Implementation, this is reporting on specific solutions and possible improvement actions.

Traditional MIS is information that can help identify problems in a system.

DSS can be used specifically in the design stage because these are simple models that can be quickly develop and with limited data.

Dublin’s tiger techland, it’s all good news

In the next article I found a lot of good news for does who are interested in choosing a carrier in IT, there is an abundance of work, in the technological sector. This article mentions all the top companies to work for: Facebook, Google, PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay & Microsoft, with starting salaries of €47,000. I think it will be worth reading it.

‘Even the lunch breaks are smart’

“Even the lunch or coffee breaks are just the smartest way for easy information- and knowledge-management, and team-building throughout and between all departments, as you meet your friends, enjoy amazing food and discuss [the] latest projects, new innovative ideas.”

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